lördag 3 oktober 2009

Greedy bastard

It seems to Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood not gonna play in London next year?! But instead Eric will play with Jeff Beck at the o2 arena, London in februari next year! I wanna go? NO! It´s too expensive, prices from £125.00-£325.00! I say as my friend John said about this "Yes I agree don't you think he has enough money or what.??? Greedy bastard. I would love it if NO ONE WOULD GO!!!!!" By the way it is maybe because Jeff is running out of money, who knows?

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I agree so very much.
I'm so glad I didn't pay one thousand kronor as the price was on this summer's Madonna tickets.

I did pay 2000 kronor for a ticket to Marathon running in London, I don't regret that.

Anonym sa...

Shit!, going to a concert like this is beginning to be something really impossible. It isn't worth it. I agree!

// Masken