fredag 29 januari 2010

The last skiday!

Yes, it´s friday and just one more day to ski! Yesterday evening we went to Riverside pub and it was livemusic the night long! And it was Alex Willinger who played together with a friend on bas. Funny because he played here at Riverside pub the last time i was here, 2008! He´s professional, great cover music!
. We ski the morning in Flachau area it was cloudy, but.........
......afternoon the sun shine so lovely when we ski in Grafenberg area! The pistes were fantastic today, lots of snow was falling yesterday, the pistemen do a great work here in Austria!

This weeks last after ski, and we drank beer and snaps at Hubertus as usual! And my Manchester United cap from last time i was here (2008) still hanging on the wall! Thanks, Christian! (Owner of Hubertus)
Tomorrow back home again! And that´s a sad sad story!

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Hi Rustan. We are back home. It took longer to get from the airport than to fly from Austria. Anyway, we had a great week. You took some great pictures and I am glad you had a great last day with fine weather.Regards. Safe journey home. We'll be back