fredag 1 januari 2010

This is 2010!

Oh, what a great party last night! Lot of good food and good friendship also singing old Swedish snapssongs, just like that! Here in Harlington the sun is shining, what a good start on the new century, sorry decade i mean! Lovely jubbly!

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Jill sa...

Hi Rustan, great pictures, just about to download some myself - great meatballs!!!

Anonym sa...

Happy New Year!

Kulturens Wektare sa...

Happy New Year!
What´s the tradition in Harlington of jumping into fountains and kissing policewomen on New Year´s Eve? I took a youthful part in that tradition in London - Trafalgar Square - in the mid-70´s.: - )
Have a great 2010!

Anonym sa...

Ha ett gott nytt och krytt decenium på dej, Rustan!!!
King of Things...