tisdag 26 januari 2010


We started early and the snow was falling down! But first back to yesterday! We had a great night at Enzian were we live and lots of different meat to eat, i love it!
Enzians tyrolerband played and we sang and had a great time!
We took a taxi to Altenmarkt and there we ski until lunchtime, we were also in Radstadt.

John "JD" Darley in action
John "Scaley" Scales in action
We went back to Wagrain area after lunch and met two of JD´s friends from England, Russel to the left and Andy to the right. Between them the boss of Grafenberg alprestaurant who served us Obstler for free!
The big skistars together for some talks before we had to ski back down to the hotel. It went late and we were skiing down in the sunset! ! 16.30! Last man in the slope this day! What a day!

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Jill sa...

I recognize a couple of these faces!!