lördag 16 oktober 2010

Music Quizz week 41!!

Okey! Some have ask me to start up the music quizz again, and ofcourse i love to do it! Now with english lyrics!

Here´s the first one!!! Who is this singer and who did the lyrics and music??? It´s a hard one to start with!!
Good luck!

Your love is king,
crown you in my heart.
Your love is king.
You're the ruler of my heart.
Your kisses ring,
round and round and round my head.
Touching the very part of me.
It's making my soul sing.
I'm crying out for more.
Your love is king.

3 kommentarer:

Annica sa...

God Morgon Rustan!

Trevligt att du starta detta igen.

Rätt svar på frågan är : SADE

Rustan sa...

Nämän Annica du hade ju rätt!!!

Grattiskramar från mig!!

Anonym sa...

Jag visste inte.