torsdag 20 januari 2011

Swinging London!!

Here we go! At Landvetter airport just having the first beer waiting for destination London, Håkan and me!
This time we fly with EasyJet, cheap and better then Ryanair!!!
Underground waiting on a train to Kings Cross!
We took the Thameslink to St. Albans and enter this pub!
. And there, at The Robin Hood we met our friends Trish and Scaley. We had some beers and gave him money for the match tickets for the sunday game!
. On our way to the city of London.
.And ofcourse we visit the Piccadilly Circus as every tourist do!!
. A great English breakfast served all day long, thank god for that!
. Saturday and the late game we watch at this pub in Soho. West Ham vs Arsenal.
Later that evening we passed through this chaotic place called Studio Valbonne, must be the most hottest place London! Lots of people and nice looking girls!
. But we walk along the same street down to my favourit bluesbar in London! At Kingley street!
.On stage tonight Jeremiah Marques And The Blues Aces!

It was not only blues, we met this lovely girls at the bluesbar and they are from Paris!
. Now sunday and time for football!
. We took the underground to Seven Sister and walk the long way up to White Hart Laine! Spurs vs Manu!

After the match we met up with our friend from Harlington, Nick Iddon at The Ship. He´s a Spursfan like Håkan is!! Good game even if it was 0-0!! Håkan have now seen 9 matches and not yet seen any goals!! I´ll not following him to a english football match no more, for sure!! ;))
. Time to go home with my new car, a Aston Martin (just joking).

Thanks to my friend for this wonderful weekend in London!!!

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THose guys behind you need shooting. Good job I was not there. Anyway, we are glad you had a good time and I was glad to help out my good friend.

Anonym sa...

Nu blev avundsjuk. Jag såg iaf London på bio igår.