onsdag 31 augusti 2011

My friends and Robin Trower!

Har just kommit fram till Harlington, John mötte upp vid tågstationen, vi gick direkt till pubben! Här en god real ale från Cornwall area!

"Landlorden" på The Old Sun!

Trish gjorde senare en god fruktsallad!

Men, nej! To strong for me?! :)

Och sedan på lördag var det fest, och John cooking the curry!

Janssons temptetion and a fresh sallad to start with, here´s Jill and Tod!

Andy to the left, Trish, Jill, Tod and Scaley! Peachcrumble and custard and more goodies to dessert!!

The day after English breakfast!! :-)

John have bad knee, coaching by Thrish...1...2...3...4...5 and once again!!

Dinner at Mike and Helen!! Grilled prawns and salmon etc! Lovely!!

Förnedring!! Come on United!!

And then......

.....to The Stable in Milton Keynes!

Just before the concert with.....

....the one and only Robin Trower and his trio!

It was a great gig, he´s still play the grooves!!! Thanks, Robin!!

We met our idol!! :-)

It was bank holiday on monday.......

...so we went to The Flying Horse for a sundaydinner!!

Really good tasteing!

Here´s my rost rump of lamb, mmmmmm!!! Videos from the Robin Trower gig you now can see on www.youtube.com/rulle2008 I´ll thank my english friends for good company!! See you all!!

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Jill sa...

Great evening Rustan -great to see you! Jill and Tod

Anonym sa...

English breakfast is really something very special