söndag 9 november 2008

Three good pubs/bars in Belfast

When i visit Belfast this year in october i visit three good pubs and i can recommend them all three. The first one i visit was The John Hewitt pub in the heart of the Belfast´s Cathedral Quarter. John Hewitt (28 October 1907-22 June 1987) was an famous poet and socialist born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Link to more about John Hewitt

And here´s another one The Bittles Bar. A very small and special bar in a curius triangular building dated 1861, Only the building is worth a visit. This bar have had lots of writers as Wilde, Yeats, Joyce and Beckett and other theatre-folk as theres haunted guest in the good old time. Great paintings on the wall.

Visit a homepage about The Bittles Bar

The last one of three is Crown Liquor Saloon at Great Victoria Street. The Crown is owned by the National Trust. Drinkers of the cityknow well it´s opulent marble, brilliant Italian tilework, fine glass engraving, embossed ceiling, and cosy booths bedecked with gryphons and lions. Panel in the restaurant on the first floor were meant for Brittanic, Titanic´s sister ship.

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Anonym sa...

I want to be there and go from one pub to another and drinking good beer

Rustan sa...

Okey, you´re inn next round then!