onsdag 22 april 2009

Words about Gothenburg

Reading WIZZ magazine and here´s some words about Gothenburg and something to do when you visit our city as a tourist by Stefan Gadd

"Easter traditions are peculiar - kids get to dress up as wiches, and it´s also an excuse to indulge in pickled herring and schnapps. Those who thirst for knowledge can attend the international Science Festival 4-15 May"
Pensionat Styrsö skäret http://www.pensionatskaret.se/

"This guesthouse stands on a traffic-free, picturesque island in an unspoiled archipelago, a 20-minute ferry ride away from the mainland. Open daily from May to September, Lunch 160 kr."

Jazzå Bar & Restaurang http://jazza.nu/

"Second Longstreet is where street fashion and antiques meet sleaze and pornography. Jazzå is one of many bars where regulars crowd for a fish soup, 135 kr. and a beer"

And at last

"Gothenburg is easy to explore on foot or bicycle. Free walking and cycle maps can be picked up at the touristinformation"

So now if you don´t have something to do, this mait be something for you. Be an tourist in your on town for a day! Good luck!

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