söndag 1 november 2009

Gordon Bennett!

Carl and John at Karlssons Garage, fridaynight.
The lovely Annika at Karlssons Garage, fridaynight.

So now it´s saturdaynight and i´m back home in my bed, it has been another late night out, but what a day! We started up this day with breakfast at 09.30 at my house. Yesterday John and Andy slept the night at Gotlands "guestroom" at Rosengatan and Carl at Alan and Annikas House. John and Andy come to my house for an "swedish" breakfast incl. filmjölk, havrefras, surdegsbröd från Alvar och Ivar på Kastellgatan(mums), makrillfilé, skagenröra, räksallad, ost, salami, lufttorkad skinka, kaviar, kokta ägg och kaffe! Then we went to the town and Biljardpalatset to see Premier League, first Arsenal v Spurs and a lost for spurs with 3-0. Melinski was in now and he and Carl were happy as Arsenalfans can be! We went to Jazzå after the match and there was bluesjam and the song Crossroads in JJ Cale tempo, but it was great! We toke an dinner at Kings Head and watching Manu beat Blackburn with 2-0, good old Manu! The night ended up at, again our favouritplace, KoM Bar and tonight it was a band called Cantaloop happy music a´la Herbie Hancock style! Lovely! So tomorrow my friends go back to England and the normal life starting allover again! Thanks guys, i have had fun this days! See you in New Year! Cheers!
Och vem var inte på bluesjammet om inte herr Kvarnström själv!
.Jazzå och blues jam!
. Carl follow football on the telly, John had a afternoon nap!

Och till slut Cantaloop på KoM Bar!

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